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You’ve probably previously quite enjoyed an urban haat like Dilli Haat or Bombay Haat or Noida Haat, getting to know different cultures and what not! But what if I tell you that a village haat is an advanced and a more interesting form of an urban haat?! A total village life experience brought to you by VillageHomeStays!

A haat is a local marketplace near a village or a cluster of villages where the vendors come from and sell their produce, earning their daily bread. Such haats are quite famous in India since the rural population is largely dependent on it. It is not only a locale for product selling but also a hub for exchanging ideas, developing friendly relations, interacting with the village folks and even personal relations. Anything fresh always beats everything else. You can examine for your own self the quality which is undoubtedly never going to disappoint you. Even the price is so attractive that you just buy a bunch for even your friends back home. Standing in a haat, buying from vendors, you can notice yourself unintentionally indulging in interesting talks. The surrounding latest political or economic news travels to you and you find it quite fascinating. The bonus panel being a friend in the crowd- a haat vendor will know your daily order and even sprinkle you with some extra grams or an extra gift if you have friendly relations with each other to show how valuable you are to them, not only as a customer but also as a friend, making you visit them again and again. 

Indulging in the local food seems like a tasty delight when you yourself observe the making. A lot of village haats are accompanied by small local food cafes run by the villagers where you get to experience some exotic food culture. The common food is a result of fishery points in villages and the agriculture to also support some agritourism. Picking out some raw handicrafts from the village haats mostly concentrated on beautiful Hindu Gods to be centred as a beautiful showpiece for your beautiful home or your friends’ is a major and intriguing task in itself. Not only do you get these things at a reasonable price but would also be going to a hardworking village breadearner’s pocket instead of some multinational company.

The hill haats, indeed, have much more to provide. Rural tourism supports and experiences tourists coming from every part of not only India, but also the world. Talking to the villagers while shopping is not an uncommon site here. The culture portrayed through the products offered provides a whole other story in itself. Conversing with different vendors, you exchange a set of mindsets and get to know about the village life here. You will find a huge number of haats along the hilly areas, especially near any village homestay.  The new Indian strategy to go local plays a huge part in encouraging village haats. Take back a pile of memories and culture exchanges home! GO LOCAL! Be Vocal for Local.

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