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A number of technical innovations are presented there.

A number of technical innovations are presented there.

At the exhibition, current models of Hi-End technology were presented in abundance. Among the novelties from well-known “acoustic” brands, one can note the Excite speaker models (Dynaudio, Denmark), top-end models of MartinLogan electrostatic speakers (USA), Mythos Audio speakers (Greece) with a case made using the unique Dedalus Project technology, the Atlantis reference speaker system (Gryphon , Denmark). I would especially like to highlight the speaker system Karissima (Cabasse, France) – the rounded body is distinguished by its elegance, but its shape is also very functional, since thanks to its non-parallel walls it prevents the appearance of standing waves.

The stand of the “Kvinta” company – tube amplifiers (Switzerland), AVID player (Great Britain), AS “Lohengrin” (Verity Audio, Canada).

There were, of course, well-established “acoustic giants” such as Kharma (Holland), Sonus Faber (Italy), Vienna Acoustics (Austria), ProAc (Great Britain) and other “monsters of sound”.

WG LA-01 (Cadanz). Stereo preamplifier with balanced audio inputs and outputs

Audiophiles had something to watch and listen to. For example, vinyl record players – Acoustic Solid (Germany) with external power supplies and autonomous electric drives, TW-acoustic three-motor turntables providing phenomenal smoothness (maximum time error – 2 nanoseconds), and an excellent Stabi Reference (Kuzma, Slovenia), used for testing of recordings at Abbey Road Studios. Or CD-players from dCS (UK), a leading Cambridge-based digital signal transmission and conversion research company. Amplifiers VTL (USA), built on a unique “tube-electronic” technology, Halcro (Australia, presented not only models for audiophiles, but also a new line for home theater Halcro Logic), tube amplifiers T + A Electroakustic (Germany).

MartinLogan “transparent” electrostatic acoustics

Among the “other things” I would like to mention the furniture for audio / video equipment Soundations (South Africa) – for my modest taste, one of the most elegant in the world. And, of course, the exhibition-auction “Retrozvuk” is an excellent selection of vintage reel-to-reel tape recorders, receivers, gramophones and similar equipment.

StandRetrosound “Hi-fi and Hi-End equipment is usually very sparingly accompanied by advertising and information materials. However, Ultra-T’s booth was a pleasant exception to this rule. Your rate: None Rating: 4 (1 vote) CabassedCSDynaudioGryphonHalcroKharmaKuzmaMartinLoganMythos AudioNagraProAcSonus FaberSoundationsT + A ElectroakusticVerity AudioVienna AcousticsVTLExhibitionsAcousticsLoudspeakersLoudspeakers

February 17, 2009 Barcelona hosts the International Mobile Congress 2009 “, the world’s largest forum for manufacturers of mobile phones, smartphones and similar communication devices. There are presentations of a number of technical innovations. For example, LG Electronics demonstrated the latest models of mobile phones. LG has announced an intuitive and The dynamic 3D S-Class User Interface (UI) is featured in the ARENA phone (LG-KM900), as well as the world’s first 3G Touch Watch Phone (LG-GD910) and LTE mobile phone chip.

LG’s new S-Class user interface will be used in the company’s high-end models. It was created primarily to highlight the benefits of using touchscreen control panels, and claims to be the most intuitive interface “in the mobile phone industry. The phone menus are located on 4 planes of the virtual cube, which provides direct access to functions and applications. This dynamic an interface with high-quality graphics quickly performs user tasks – a powerful AMD processor guarantees high-speed task execution.

The first mobile phone with an S-Class interface is the ARENA KM900, LG’s new flagship model for 2009. This fully multimedia phone is equipped with a 3-inch touchscreen display with WVGA resolution (800×480 pixels – this is comparable to plasma panels produced just a few years ago!). Arena KM900 has incredible audio quality with Dolby Mobile and a full range of multimedia features. The built-in 5-megapixel camera allows you to create high-quality photos, record DVD-quality videos, which can even be viewed on a large screen. With support for DivX and Xvid playback, ARENA is ideal for multimedia content.

In addition to high-tech phones, the exhibition will also feature unusual mobile devices in the form of clocks, which were previously found only in science fiction works. The 3G Touch Watch Phone, the first 3G watch phone for the mass market, will be introduced. The model supports Bluetooth, has a touch menu and a camera for video telephony. Another watch-shaped mobile device is a designer addition to the PRADA phone from LG (LG-KF900) LG’s PRADA Link (LG-LBA-T950). By connecting via Bluetooch to LG’s PRADA phone, PRADA Link provides instant access to text messages and other features, eliminating the need to constantly take your phone out of your bag or pocket.

LG will showcase the world’s first mobile phone modem chip based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. With a very fast download speed of 60 Mbps and a download speed of 20 Mbps, this chip is a key component for a 4G mobile phone. An LTE chip that is 10 times faster than the fastest 3G HSDPA format already exists, and LG will show in practice how this chip will allow you to download 4 HD movies and watch them in real time.

LG will unveil another technology that previously seemed impracticable at World Mobile Congress 2009 – solar cell phones, proving that high technology can be cost effective. A solar panel inserted into a phone battery stores energy from the sun. LG is also introducing sustainable packaging using recycled materials and soy ink. These innovations show LG’s contribution to creating a healthier, cleaner environment for everyone.

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January 14, 2010 The first serious “international exhibition in 2010 was CES 2010 (Consumer Electronics Show), held from January 7 to 10 in Las Vegas (USA). At it leading manufacturers of consumer electronics presented their new products.”

LG Electronics (LG) has demonstrated many innovative developments. The A Whole New way to See the World booth featured LED technology with local dimming and improved picture quality, as well as LG developments in 3D TV, mobile digital TV and solar power. …

“Among the key innovations LG has focused on this year are 3D and mobile digital television and solar cells,” announced Woo Paik, LG President and Chief Technology Officer, to press -conference held as part of the exhibition in Las Vegas. – 3D technology has reached its maturity, its use will create new opportunities this year. We plan to introduce advanced 3D technology in a wide range of products – in LCD and plasma TVs, as well as in projectors. “

But home isn’t the only place for LG to innovate. At CES, LG is announcing the DP570MH mobile digital TV with digital TV support and high quality video playback. LG plans to release mobile phones and portable DVD players with a chip to receive digital television in North America, and demand for this technology is expected to be strong. To date, 88 stations in the US have launched digital television broadcasts for mobile devices, and 45% of homes already have access to the service.

Mr. Peik is also confident in the great prospects for solar panels. “LG will double its solar cell production next year, with plans to reach gigawatt capacity within a year.” In December 2009, LG opened a production line with a total capacity of 120 MW.

In his speech, LG Chief Technology Officer spoke about other innovative technologies and products:

“Most of LG’s TVs scheduled for release this year have wireless connectivity with online content and entertainment options, as well as support for the DivX codec to enhance the multimedia experience over broadband,” Peik said. … He added that the company is also announcing 480Hz LCD TVs this year, replacing the 2009 240Hz models. Thanks to the higher frequency, the new models eliminate the effects of blurring and image retention when viewing dynamic scenes.

LG’s full line of digital LED-backlit LCD TVs, including the innovative INFINIA LED TV family, grace the range of conventional LCD TVs and LED-backlit LCD TVs scheduled for release in 2010. LG INFINIA digital TVs (LE9500, LE8500 and LE7500 series) combine a slim design with wireless capabilities and viewing content in virtually any format. LG’s new Full LED Slim technology enhances picture quality with a thin LED structure that supports local illumination of up to 240 addressable segments (in the 55-inch LE9500 series) for deeper blacks and improved overall color quality never before possible. in an ultra-thin body. With a slim 8.5mm bezel, the LE9500 is equipped with the most advanced technology. The 55 “and 47” LE9500 models will be the first 3D TVs available in the US. “

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has recognized LG’s design and technology excellence with 17 prestigious 2010 International CES® Innovations Awards, including the “Best of” award for the LG INFINIA 47-inch Full LED Slim Backlit LCD HDTV Digital TV (47LE9500) in the category devices for playing online audio / video content.

At the end of his presentation, Mr. Peik announced the arrival of LG’s ultra-thin LED-backlit LCD TV with a 6.9mm bezel thickness.

Discussing new mobile technologies, Peik said, “LG ​​will release a smartphone that will support both 4th (LTE) and 3rd generation (EVDO) networks. Earlier, in 2008, a LG phone with LTE support was successfully developed. ”

LG also showcased strategic smartphone products in 2010, including the LG eXpo (LG GW820) running Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5, and the LG GW620 and LG GT540 running Android.

The 2010 International CES® Innovations Award-winning LG eXpo has many impressive features such as a 1GHz processor, making it the fastest Snapdragon smartphone available in North America.

Mobile phones are designed primarily to stay connected. The LG GW620 and LG GT540 take this performance to a whole new level with the support of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, among the innovative products, the LG Wireless Charger was introduced. This triumphant development by LG is the world’s first wireless solution to simultaneously charge up to three mobile devices without cables. To recharge, you just need to place your mobile phone on a special stand, and you can even make calls while the device is running.


A number of interesting developments were presented at the IFA by Electrolux under the AEG-Electrolux brand.The stand (in fact, a separate pavilion) occupied an area of ​​2300 m 2. Its name was Electrolux in Town, i.e. Electrolux in the City.

In the green zone “AEG-Electrolux” was presented the Eco line of equipment

This slogan invites visitors on a tour through an abstract presentation of Electrolux’s core ideas and brand philosophy. The pavilion was divided into “districts”, which, like in a real city, were strikingly different from each other. The products were https://trustove.com/ presented according to different themes in free-standing cubes symbolizing the home: Eco line, Cooking, Silence and Innovation.

stand dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Lavamat washing machinesAnniversary model Lavamat 5.0

Electrolux celebrates the 50th anniversary of its acclaimed Lavamat series washing machines. The anniversary was celebrated in German – the 50-month manufacturer’s warranty is offered to the customers for the anniversary Lavamat 5.0 models! The new models transform the laundry from hard work into pure pleasure. The smart one-button / one-function interface makes them extremely easy to use. Clever technology is capable of processing delicate fabrics (wool, silk) intended for “hand wash only” with minimal mechanical stress. There is also a Easy Iron program for shirts or blouses. Washing with this program saves ironing time by 50%.

Dryer Oko Lavatherm 59840

Modern tumble dryers are very convenient, but they have a sin – they do not always handle delicate fabrics well. And this is not to mention the high consumption of electricity. Oko Lavatherm 59840 – this model functions on the principle of a heat pump and is the first dryer in which you can dry silk, etc. fabrics. In addition, Oko Lavatherm uses 40% less electricity than condensation dryers.

MaxiSense hob with DirectControl control panel

The wide 80 cm MaxiSense K 88032 induction hob is equipped with a DirectControl touchscreen control panel. The operation of the panel is extremely simple. The power slider switch (similar in principle to the mechanical slide switches are used in audio equipment) allows you to adjust the heating power with just one finger. The “autofocus” system automatically recognizes the presence of a pot on the cooking zone and the diameter of its base. This is both convenient and economical – no energy is expended on heating the air.

The AEG-Electrolux 88131 model has one important difference from all other hobs, namely the paella hotplate. Such a burner will be of interest not only to fans of Spanish cuisine. Thanks to its unique 28 cm diameter, the hotplate can be used for the largest pans, which are guaranteed to heat evenly.