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5 Myths Busted About Rural Tourism

Today, village tourism is under-marketed and often masked behind the fancy urban travel. Even our Government is trying to alleviate rural tourism through advertising, from time to time. Now, I’d like to bust some of the common misconceptions here, that make us give a second thought before planning a suburban tour.

Rural tourism has not thrived that popularly

Yes, it’s not entirely a misconception. But, anything or culture is only publicised by the people. We are actually responsible for hyping anything and everything in today’s world. I’m not against modernisation and development, but while moving all forward we haven’t realised the fact that we are leaving behind a big segment. In the wake of having lost association with our foundations, we are neither completely western nor Indian. Mahatma Gandhi once said – “The future of India lies in its villages”. So, Rural Tourism is just the perfect balance between urbanization and suburban way of life.

Why pay for something that’s not worth the price?                                     

The greater part of the Rural populace is being prepared under the western instruction framework on learning PCs and English and moving to urban areas because of which the urban areas are overburdened and towns are getting unfilled. The travel industry in rural areas isn’t any different in relation to some other type of travel industry where you pay. The main distinction is, your cash goes straightforwardly to a nearby family and prompt network. A dependable network-based the travel industry activity will consistently give innovative chances to local people to stop the movement to urban communities.  As a result, many art forms, languages, music, dances, and cultures are preserved. Rural tourism has the power to make these aspects an asset rather than a burden.  

Rural Tourism means inconvenience

This is one of the most heard misbeliefs of travellers. I must break this down for you. No, village tourism does not always mean drawing water from wells or sleeping in some shabby room, on the floor. It is much more than this. Village tourism can be very comfortable and inexpensive too. You can ask your guide or even try talking directly to the locals. These people are really quite hospitable and cooperative.

Rural Tourism is not safe                                                                                         

Well, honestly I don’t really think that the chances of getting mugged would be zero in cities. I have found rural areas safer than in the cities. I was brought up uptown and so, I can clearly see the difference in safety, hospitality, warmth and a sense of community in a city and in a village. There have been solo female travellers, couples, children and families who have felt safer in villages.

The food and water are not so hygienic

Nowadays we are putting water purifiers in our homes and relying upon mineral water on the grounds. We already know the number of pollutants we consume on a daily basis by consuming chemically treated foods. The air we take in urban areas is harmful to such an extent that numerous types of fowls that once flourished have now either relocated or got terminated. Kids become sick even when they go out to play outside. Then again, I have seen 60-year-elderly people climb a mountain day by day and still figure out how to remain fit with no medication. I have had the absolute best organic food in towns cooked in natively constructed flavours and butter. I have drunk water from streams and cascades and have never become sick. Furthermore, I have played in the mud and I was just alright, if not healthier.

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